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Holistic Services

Broadly speaking, the services we offer can be described as Divination and Energy Healing. Divination can be an excellent way to obtain answers to complicated spiritual questions. It can provide comfort in uncertainty, clarity in confusion, and a course of action in distressing times. Utilizing a combination of skill, intuition, and the insight of many years of study and practice, we help people discover a new and more positive perspective on their problems. Energy Healing can be simply described as moving energy while breaking through energetic blocks to restore the balance and flow of energy throughout the body, mind and soul. Once energy channels are balanced, healing begins, and the body's inherent ability to heal itself is stimulated.

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Angelic Reiki

This is a 1 hour hands-on healing session, working with the Angelic vibration to resolve root causes and symptoms of dis-ease. This is done in-shop. Crystals and Archangel Essences are used.

  • It takes into account the whole person and helps activate their natural healing processes.

  • as well as the restoring of their physical and emotional well-being.

Auric Clearing

This in-shop healing relieves blockages and releases attachments that cause dis-ease and attract negative experiences.

  • We work with Higher Self to permanently transmute blockages and attachments, and to recover missing soul fragments where possible.

Chakra Clearing & Balancing Session

Hands on healing that focuses on clearing and balancing the 7 Primary Chakras.

Includes relaxing music, healing crystals and chakra coloured light streams. 1 hour in-shop session.

Chakra Light Crystal Therapy

Each chakra resonates to a color and frequency.  Both Light and healing crystals are used in this relaxing no hands-on session.

  • Healing music, Archangel Essences and high-vibrational incense are used to clear and re-charge the energy.


“Every human being is the author of his own health or disease”



A detox can be so powerful in restoring balance to our body and eliminating disease. In this program you will cleanse each of the major organs of your body, focusing on one each week, in a carefully planned sequence that will allow you to reset your entire body, painlessly and easily, for remarkable and lasting
health benefits.

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Forensic Healing

Negative life patterns, emotional and mental stresses are relieved in this hands on session, allowing the flow of vital energy throughout the body.

We use one of more than 90 healing pathways to restore & renew energy,vitality,health & well-being.



One hour sessions: general themes of readings: Job & Career; Relationships; Finances; Family and Health. Get messages about a particular situation, as well as, insight on past, present and future events.


Integrated Energy Therapy®

This unique hands-on healing through integration points on the body, releases negative energy and activates the body’s natural self-healing ability.

  • Healing music, crystals, Archangel Essences and high-v-brational incense are used.

  • A feeling of "lightness" is commonly experienced.

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The practitioner reads the record of the soul’s journey – past, present and future potential. This reading is done remotely. A report and a Basic Soul Profile is given.

Soul Realignment®

Soul Realignment provides you with highly valuable information about your soul AND identifies and clears your current blocks and restrictions, AND  realigns your soul back to its original soul blueprint.

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The Munay Ki Initiations

Empowering and transforming your life. This can be considered a shamanic initiation.

In shop sessions of 10 energetic transmissions are "passed" on, that heal emotional wounds, karmic & genetic programs, ancestral beliefs, as well as,

womb healing.

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