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The majority of these are personal development courses with a few being Practitioner Courses. The majority of personal development courses are delivered online. Only those that require hands-on training are facilitated in live workshops. All of the courses provide you with the necessary foundation to begin exploring alternative healing. You will be introduced to a range of healing methods and tools, guiding you to discover what resonates with you for your own healing experience, and if so desired, to share with others. These courses also support your own spiritual growth and intuitive abilities and awaken your very own inherent soul talents and skills.

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Circles of Consciousness Knowledge Center - Offers


Live Workshops

Workshops and locations are posted on our social media pages - Facebook and Instagram.


Online Home Study Courses

Delivered in video format and downloadable resources. Generally self-paced, allowing for greater flexibility.


Self-study Digital Mini Courses

Short videos and Pdf slides. Completed on our eLearning platform.

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Awaken your child's creative juices and build their confidence with fun learning exercises (ages 6+). Workshops for kids, on our eLearning platform.


Energy Worker

Healing in one capacity or another is inherent to human nature. The desire to minimize pain and suffering, to nurture others and to grow is innate. You only have to accept this fact and begin looking inward to identify your own natural healing abilities. Online courses with facilitator/student video meetings. In person interactions scheduled as needed.

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- "Live" Workshops


Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki is an amazing gift! The Angels have shown us that they are available to work with us, gently yet effectively deleting our negative thinking, freeing blocked energy, getting rid of whatever does not serve our highest purpose.


Chakra Balancing

This is based on the ancient Indian belief in a series of seven chakras or energy centers. Each chakra is believed to relate to particular organs of the body, ailments, colors, elements, and emotions. Various approaches may be used to "balance" the chakras. Chakra balancing is believed to promote health by maximizing the flow of energy in the body.

  • Full day. Includes Lunch and workshop material. Cost to be advised.



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Dowsing with L-Rods

This course is designed to help you detect and neutralize stressed energy and amplify positive energy in your environment, so you can transform your life—physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Course requires using a Pendulum.

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Energy Alchemy

Elemental balance and the emphasis of certain elements in particular areas of a physical space is rather important. Using the ancient wisdom of Alchemy and through activation of elements within your home and environment, you can achieve harmony of mind-body-soul-space. Balance is the ultimate goal and it can be a delicate equilibrium.

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Healing with Crystals

Ancient cultures all over the world used healing crystals and stones to align, clear and transform their energy, spirit and physical health. Just like magnets use energy to attract or repel, healing crystals use energy in the same way. When you place certain crystals over certain parts of your body, your energy transforms, vibrates, pulses, moves and shifts in accordance with the properties and energetic signature of the crystal.


Healing with Saturn Decrees

A Decree can be used for EVERYTHING! They are specific for clearing and guaranteed to bring you your greatest change in the shortest time! Return to your own authentic truth and the divinity within, as you release deep rooted family patterns, shake off generations of Karma and set yourself free.

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An ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. It is based on the knowledge that anything that happens to you or that you perceive; the entire world where you live is your own creation and thus, it is entirely your responsibility. A hundred percent, no exceptions.


Light Body Attunements

Your Light Body is an energy body that exists at a higher vibrational level. Several Attunements are given using sacred symbols and powerful energies at higher frequencies and vibrations activates at the cellular level raising your energy levels. These Attunements work independently of any religion or belief system and aligns the physical and light body with the infinite divine.

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MagicKal Rites

As within all divination practices, magick is based on the belief that within each individual is an entire cosmology that mirrors the expanse of the universe. Fundamentally, magickal rituals represent the art of identifying, raising and directing energy. It requires no creed, book of rules or special privilege to do. Most practitioners enjoy using just ingredients and tools in their rituals, however the only required tool is your magickal intention.

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Metaphysics & Body Energetics

Total Body Energetics (TBE) bridges the gap between bodywork and energy medicine. It works with the energy dynamics of the anatomy and physiology of the body, and aids in releasing both acute and chronic dis-ease patterns.

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The 9 Rites of the Munay Ki

Based on initiatory practices of the shamans of the Andes and the Amazon, the Munay-Ki is made up of nine rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power. They are energetic transmissions that heal the wounds of the past—the genetic and karmic inheritance we are born with. They transform and upgrade the luminous energy field and re-inform our DNA, enabling us to grow a new body that ages, heals, and dies differently.

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Courses: Services
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Soul Love for Women

A practical approach to healing from a broken relationship (past or present) so you can move forward in peace, with honor and dignity, and come to a place of true freedom and completion within your heart. 

> Turn your heartache into your strength. 

> Recognise and acknowledge your past

   mistakes, learn from them and trust

  yourself in love again.

> Forgive yourself and others so you can enter your next relationship free of past disappointments and hurts.

This course has been redesigned and is now a
2-part course. Part One is delivered on the eLearning platform via videos & PdF resources. Part Two is facilitated "live" in-shop.

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Energy Worker Course

(Healers' Program)

Healing in one capacity or another, is inherent to human nature. The desire to minimize pain and suffering, to help others be nurtured, and to grow is innate. You only have to accept this fact and begin looking inward to identify your own natural healing abilities.

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Online Home Study Courses

These home study courses are delivered in video format and downloadable Pdf resources.

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Awaken your child's creative juices and build their confidence with fun learning exercises (ages 8+). We offer both "live" and online workshops for kids.

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