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Astrology Map


Astrology is based entirely on the position of the stars at the moment of your birth, dependent on the longitude and latitude of the city where you were born, and the time of day you arrived. It’s an astronomical photo of the sky at that very moment of your birth. In times-of-old, astrologers executed an in-depth chart spending countless hours calculating your birth chart…because there’s so much math involved! Modern astrologers can perform these calculations with a push of a button. Patterns and geometric shapes (triangles, squares, oppositions) between the planets and the stars are exactly what astrologers look at in determining your destiny.

Western astrology is thought to have begun with an astrologer named Ptolemy, who lived and worked during the first century ADE in the city of Alexandria. Even though in ancient times astrology was used more for predicting agricultural timing that affected nature’s cycles—eventually there was a fortune telling side to it. Astrology helped us at a physical level with predicting droughts or famines, wars, weddings and other significant events. Now we can look into your purpose and your psyche to tell you the likely patterns you will have to face in this life.

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