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Wisdom of the Ancient and Modern Masters

About Sacred Mastery

Mysteries of the Masters

Esotericism is essentially the science of the soul of all things, the accumulated wisdom of the ages. It is not a religion nor strictly speaking a philosophy. It is not an art or a science, but it has something of all of these.

You might say that esotericism is the philosophy, or the science of the evolutionary process, as it pertains to the human and the subhuman kingdoms. It is about the evolution of consciousness, not of the physical form. It describes the forces and influences that lie behind the phenomenal world and often lies beyond the understanding or comprehension of the average person. It is sometimes called the art of working with those energies which emanate from the highest spiritual sources.

"In its essence esotericism is the art of consciously recognizing that all existence, manifested in its myriad variations of form and quality, is fundamentally based on energy." ("Bridges" by Aart Jurriaanse)


Alchemy; Essential Oils; Incense; Herbs  Ω  Altars and Shrines  Ω  Amulets,Talismans and Totems  Ω  Angels and Ascended Masters  Ω  Aroma Therapy  Ω  Astral Travel  Ω  Astrology  Ω  Crystals  Ω  Divination – Tarot & Oracle Cards; The Pendulum; The Akashic Records  Ω  Dreams  Ω  Energy Healing – Chakra Therapy; Crystal Therapy; Energy Medicine; Meridian Therapy; Reiki and Universal Life-force Energy  Ω  Kabbalah  Ω  Karma  Ω  Mandalas  Ω  Meditation  Ω  Mudras  Ω  Prayer Beads  Ω  Prayer Wheels  Ω  Rituals and Sacrifices  Ω  Sacred and Healing Places – Creating Sacred Space: Incense; Smudging; Space Clearing; Energy Dowsing; Energy Alchemy  Ω  Sacred Disciplines – Purification Rites, Rituals & Offerings; Lodges & Secret Societies; Pilgrimages; Sacraments; Shamanism; Yoga  Ω  Shadow Work  Ω  Sound Healing - Frequencies & Tones; Chanting & Mantras; Drums; Singing & Tibetan Bowls; Selfeggio Frequencies  Ω  Spells  Ω  Symbolism - Sacred Calligraphy; Sacred Geometry; Healing Symbols  Ω  Wicca; Nature & Elementals  Ω 

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