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by Whitney Hopler

Angels are powerful spiritual beings who serve God and human beings in a wide variety of ways, say people who believe in them. The English word "angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos," which means "messenger." The faithful from the world's major religions believe that angels are messengers from God who carry out tasks that God assigns them to perform on Earth. When they appear on Earth, angels may be in either human or heavenly form.

Religions such as JudaismChristianity, and Islam say that an important part of angels' work is worshiping the God who created them, such as by praising him in heaven. Some religions, such as Islam, say that all angels serve God faithfully. Other religions, such as Christianity, say that some angels are faithful to God, while others have rebelled against him and are now known as demons.

Religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, as well as belief systems such as New Age spirituality, say that angels can be beings who have worked their way up from low to high spiritual planes by passing spiritual tests, and may continue to grow wiser and stronger even after they've achieved an angelic state.

Just like their name implies, angels may deliver God's messages to humans, such as by comforting, encouraging, or warning people according to what's best in each situation into which God sends them. Angels may work hard to guard the people they're assigned to from danger.

Some people believe that angels record the activities people choose to do. Some New Age, Jewish, and Christian believers say that an archangel named Metatron records everything that happens in the universe, with help from angels of the powers angelic rank. Islam says that God has created angels called Kiraman Katibin who specialize in recording deeds and that God assigns two of those angels to each person, with one recording the person's good deeds and another recording the person's evil deeds. In Sikhism, angels named Chitar and Gupat record the decisions of all people, with Chitar recording deeds that other humans see and Gupat recording deeds that are hidden to other people but known to God.

An Ascended Master is a Being, who through their own endeavours and hard work have paid all their karma, left the cycle of rebirth and attained Mastery over themselves.

An Ascended Master is a Being of Light who is not in body. An Ascended Masters has had many lives in a physical body, just like you – and through these lives and their own freewill and hard work have raised their vibration and consciousness to such a state as to have cleared all their karma and dross from their chakras and bodies. The Ascended Master is not the past life person, it is not the lower-self person who ascended, in truth the Ascended Master is the Higher Self of the person who strived to ascend. So when you call on Jesus, you are calling on the past life persona of the person who ascended to and surrendered to his Higher Self. It is not the persona of Jesus that responds rather it is the Higher Self of Jesus that responds.

We all have a Higher Self and all the Higher selves of those striving to ascend are Masters in waiting. All Higher Selves are great Beings who continually strive to become a Being of total purity and Light, they continually work on their own ascension process.

There are many Ascended Masters, some recent and others ancient, some who’s names we recognise and some names aren’t in our conscious awareness – some so old they are mythical to us now. Regardless of who they were in their countless past lives, they are returning now to help us in our own ascension process – for this is the time for many to ascend. 

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Ascended Masters

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