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Archangel Laminated Prayer Cards. ​Image of the archangel in front and the prayer on the reverse - $33.00.

Prayer Kits contains laminated prayer card and 2 prayer candles in an attractive weaved drawstring pouch - $55.00.

  • Anael: strengthen unions, harmonize friendships and associations. Attract new love, strengthen love life and affective relationships in general.
  • ​Camael: ​calms disharmony, heals relationships and strengthens your connection with God.
  • Cassiel: ​for divine assistance to relieve your sadness and stress and bring joy and happiness.
  • Gabriel: intercedes for us at the throne of divine Mercy in our present necessities. Brings revelation and guidance.​
  • Michael: ​for protection, to strengthen our bodies and souls against the powers of evil.
  • Raphael: ​angel of health. Soothes or cure our pains. Heal  disease and guides our steps when doubtful of our ways.
  • Sachiel: ​angel who is connected to the steams of wealth, success, prosperity, harvest, harmony and material gain.

Archangel Prayer Cards and Kits

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